Why did I fell in love?

Well, it can happen with anyone. It’s not that you have a list of things that you want in someone and you match those things and then fall in love. No. Things might be opposite to what you have expected. Things you never expected are always there in the one you fell for. Let us take an example. You call it that you have a crush on someone. Now this is a statement for those who think they have chances for developing feelings for someone or they already have and they are just not ready to announce the news for now.
Now if you ask someone “Why do you love’em?”, 80% of the audience will just say, “I find them cute” and rest 20 will go for “I don’t know”.
Well, doggies are cute and so is your sister?
Why this sudden cuteness for one girl or a guy developing butterflies in your stomach?
This is because of the situation, your mood, the timing, your adrenaline level, your testosterone level, your heart rate, because of how you looked at them how they reacted towards you. Everything lines up and no matter how illogical or weird the opposite one is, and no matter how awkward and impossible it might seem. Bamm!! Welcome to hell.
Though I said welcome to hell, I might be totally against that myself, because it’s awesome in few cases and very nice to be in love or whatever.
Let’s talk about you.
Ladies first. So, if you are a female and are into someone, there might be chances that you are:
Confused, happy for no reason, thinking about how you look and now you are controlling your eating habits (surveyed by few female mates), you look more into mirror these days, every love song is about you, you suddenly don’t go nuts about everything, you are not judgmental to people, you adjust your rack to show more, and all the crazy stuff. Taking everything in consideration mostly you will be confused, so confused that you question yourself, “Is this me?”. Yes, this is you and you are going to be in love pretty soon or you already are.
Now before telling you further I must assure you being a man, that if you go and tell him you love him so madly, chances are, he will say yes, he’ll sleep with you and then leave you in your pathetic life.
I know that you know this and you are not that dumb to propose, you give indirect signals and wait for him to get to you, he dates you falls in love with you and then suddenly “You don’t feel like that anymore”.
You cannot do that either.
Confirm. Get yourself straight!
Let me help here.
You need a man who can take care of you.
Is he caring enough?
Ok moving on, you need a man who will listen to all you have to say.
Is he patient enough?
You need a man, who loves and respects his family.
Does he?
And above all, I know that you can earn for your family, just as any man can do. But he is a man and he must have a tendency to provide.
He doesn’t needs to actually provide but he should possess a will.
Is he willing to spend for his family?
Got the answers? OK, well! Moving on.
Does anyone you know loves you?
Is he your best friend, your shy classmate or someone who thinks you will reject them and are just loving you hopelessly?
Take a deep breath now. I know you can’t think of them that way. But that way is just a sexual attraction that makes it different. Sex is not what you are going to do all your life, day and night, but this will effect your decision making drastically. You might be like well I didn’t thought about sex at all! It’s not at all my sexual desire! I fell in love with him! I don’t want to have sex. (Metamorphic! You always do.)
Well woman, relationship is different from friendship just because of sex, this is what makes it the closest of all relationships. You don’t have to think about sex to think about sex, we have an automated response system in our brains towards it.
Coming to the topic
Let us say you know a guy who loves you, give that guy a chance.
He will change for you, will be loyal to you, he will break mountains if it comes to you.
Don’t fill him with false hopes though, clear things to him first.
Tell him everything, see if he can be the guy, he will be stiff like a stick, very nervous, calm him down but don’t make him fall in love with you more, you can be the bad side of you with this guy all the time, see if he can take you. See if you can feel the same vibes as he does. Don’t force yourself to fall in love with him, but remember you must love the ones who loves you.
You know I have been all the guys through my life,
The one sided lover guy, the third wheel (boyfriend, girlfriend and their common friend), guy who picked up girls in parties, the guy who is secretly loved by many, the guy who had sex with his friend’s girlfriend,the guy who fell in love and was cheated, the guy who doesn’t feel love anymore, the guy who knows everything, have everything but still craves for the love he deserves.
I know how it works not because I have done some Phd in psychology, I know because I have been through this.
Have you ever known what you want? What is the thing that is needed in your life the most?
Money? Fame? Family? Love?
No, it is simply happiness, everything you have ever done in your life was for happiness, are you happy? Or are you forcing yourself to be happy?

The guy you are into will fall in love with you that is sure only if you believe and these are the secrets I am gonna pass on, that I have collected with research and experience and will guide you through it. I am very straight here in my sentences and want you to focus, because what you think is not what is the reality, it is different and I also know my words at last won’t change your perception at all but I will try my best to make you out of your romantic miseries..
Here is the first step.
Say ‘no’ simple yet effective, though you have to be wise with this word, it can be powerful, your single ‘no’ may make him move on to next target because you are not yet known worthy for his attaintion.
There are heavy chances that you have crushed for the most popular guy around, he is a player, maybe mysterious, maybe a project for you to fix.
Hold on girl, he is going for the tough, these kinds fall for tough targets, you got to be a hard to reach, but always visible.
First problem – are you ugly?
You are ugly aren’t you? Well, for ugly girls this is going to be tough, not because you are ugly, because you think you are ugly.
Stop right there!!
You are very beautiful, I have seen girls who think they are ugly and look pathetic just because they don’t seem to much care about how they look, in reality they are very beautiful and just don’t realize it.
Don’t go for make up, just wake up early, go for a walk, look at flowers feel the breeze, and have a positive mindset and you will be damn beautiful. It’s hard done than said, but I will walk right with you in making you look beautiful.

Exercise 🏃
If you are insomniac, we have to fix that first. Let us try the technique that I use on my sleepless nights.
Go to bed after having a dinner. Drink some water, now the thoughts are ready to flood your mind and give you your mini heart attacks. Lie down in a comfortable position, try ignoring everything in your mind and concentrate on everything you see. Don’t turn the lights off.

Today you are not going to try to sleep like everyday. You are going to fuck everything that takes your sleep away. Take a deep breath. Exhale slowly. Concentrate on your breathing. Feel your heartbeat. Realize you are alive.  Question yourself “What can be so important more than your life? Your precious peaceful life that can make you so anxious and panic?”

There is nothing in this universe, even if earth comes to an end today there must be no reason for you to care. Don’t ever say that you don’t care. The moment you say that it means you actually care about it, like you don’t say that you don’t care about how my neighbor’s wife’s mother is dead or alive.
Now be careful and picture everything together without panicking. Be calm. If you are getting nervous, try to concentrate on your breaths.

When you have everyone invited in the party then imagine yourself painting them all black, darker than black, more darker.  (Say iPhone black.) It will be all black for you, you will not be able to see anything, at least you should.
Then just breath and concentrate on inhaling and exhaling. You would be sleeping by now.

This is one of the things I do when I cannot sleep. It is not that it works every time for me, (P.S. Having a fight with my girlfriend while writing).
Okay, where was I ?
Yes, it will not always work, not at all if you are totally pissed off, but it is one of the tricks.

The real trick is to realize that nothing should affect you at any level, you might be thinking that I am turning you into some kind of robot telling you to not get affected, but since you are a human being you can eliminate things that makes you sad and empower things that makes you happy.
Fill yourself with beauty, by adding positivity to yourself, yoga, exercises, jogging, eating healthy, feeling good are not just for the supermodels, why are you ignoring yourself? Last guy you dated told you that you are pathetic? Or your parents are not supporting? Or just everything seems to be against you?
Just hold on there lady, love is not nessesary, it is not that you must be with someone to live, don’t take it as your prime priority, your priority must be water, food and oxygen basic and majorly happiness.
Your happiness will attract positive people around and make you someone everyone is attracted towards, your sadness is what is making you what you are right now, stop being yourself and be awesome instead.

Exercise 🏃
This one will defiantly make your confidence boosted at levels no one can reach.

Go look yourself into a mirror. Get up and go to a mirror. (Reflection on your screen won’t work.)
I think you all must have done it somehow but I am gonna tell you how to do it right.
Look into your eyes. Yes inside your iris. Speak in a loud audible pitch like you speak when you are a bit angry on someone. Don’t go all shouting, just a bit aggressive will do. Ask yourself: who are you? What are your dreams? Do you dream enough? Are you fucking out of your mind? Why are you trying to waste all you have done in pursuing something that is so unimportant? You are not only getting hated by the one you want to love you, but also getting hated by the ones who already love you.
YOU WILL MAKE HIM FALL IN LOVE WITH YOU, if not then someone will come by soon and that someone will be more than what you already want, but you are not going to make any serious effort to make that guy realize, if he doesn’t, be it, love is your choice not your salvation you will choose someone better it’s all about what you need not at all about what you want.

You can improvise with words obviously as per your condition and situation, this book is going to cover everything that is ever needed to know about love just stick around, I will make sure that noone gets anymore of this nonsense feeling of being rejected and not being acknowledged.
For guys,
Well bro you are reading this that means you already pathetic and emotionally broke, or maybe you are just curious how to score those girls easy and get your job done.
The first thing I should say to you is, stop being a puppet, you are being controlled, by those movies you watch, those songs, basically the media. Even if you are not much into movies and all, guys around you are so much into being fake that you sometimes think of changing yourself. Well, it’s time to be than to become.
Look at yourself? Already joined a gym? Bought a motorcycle? Socially active like a faggot partying in a dead raccoon’s corpse? Or do you envy those guys because you can’t afford? or your parents just won’t allow? Don’t have a fashion sense? Oil dripping from your head and with full sleeves in middle of the month of June while you wait for your placement in a company studying in a college where you got bullied and ignored by all those famous alcoholic chic magnets?
Well there is a third kind of men also available, who starts their day with a shot of a bong! Har har mahadev!! , fighting on who will bring the stuff from the peddler and thinking that last time you smoked it, it was much more seed than weed.
Oh! Your bro just got his leg on your favorite chillam!
“Bro I am hungry, kuch order kar de.”
“Bro dad ne paise nhi bheje hai kuch udhar de de na.”
“Oh man we know everything about the world let’s talk about cosmos and religion. ”
“Bhai roach bana de na.”
If you are high kind of men then my friend you need help. Do not think I don’t have any, ‘idea’ about all of you guys because trust my word I have been the stoner guy in my early days.
I am a musician by profession, and that too a blues country kind of, so you can figure.
It is tough, I know, all that engineering, all those assignments, or your boss if you are in a job.
It is tiring and you just want to run from everything, and what you end up doing best is to get a vacation followed by Instagram updates, Facebook wall putty and all, faking your miserable life to be awesome in front of everyone.
We will talk about life in my other book, if I have enough time to write one for you, but this one is for love.
So, you love this girl, or kind of like her?
If you have no guts to talk to her then soon misery is going to fall upon you. This situation is a cocoon for depression because soon you are obsessed and you loose.
Key to make a girl fall for you is confidence, and that is what is going to make the difference. If you even slightly, I repeat, even slightly fall in love with this girl you have lost her already, because when you fall in love you don’t think straight, you are out of words, you might even black out.
Try not being yourself for a moment, well this is not the mainstream slogan these days, or perhaps the opposite, but you create a mystery about yourself, you are no more an open book. You are a guy who is into this girl and is afraid of nothing, not even her rejection. Risking it all is the only way to do it, or just live your boring life as you do everyday.
It is your love story, might end in tears but the best love stories always has ended in tears.
If it’s yes, then happy ever after, and if a no then you have a story to tell about how much you loved someone.
Now confidence is not something that you can buy from a peddler, unless you are buying methamphetamine.
Confidence comes from inside, your soul will be shouting!!
For that the first thing that you do is that you have to be mature, yes you can be a kid at heart, watch cartoons, shin chan, play Pokemon go, be crazy about manga comics, no worries there but you must look like you know what you are doing.
Check out what you are doing, what will be your profession, now get passionate about it. Whatever job you are going to get in future concentrate more on planning about that than the girl you love.
Get new clothes for gods sake. You might be stuck with your routine clothing and buy same things from stores just because you don’t have enough guts to experiment.
Look good, do not use makeup, not at all. Clean yourself, your pubic region, stick with a perfume that is appealing. If you spend some time on grooming yourself in a day you are building yourself up, it will enhance your power to communicate and you will be confident like a lion.
Please, do not make a joke out of yourself after reading this by wearing aviator glasses at nights or leather pants in summer. Choose your clothes wisely.
T-shirts and jeans are enough with boots well matched with belt.
Comfortable flip flops and wear colors that present your mood.
This is not just for the love of your life, you will get a better job, reliable friends and your life will change by just how you present yourself.
Now, second thing, stop being a perv and lure around girls, give stares or pass comments. If you are that dude who can’t take his eyes off a girl’s rack or can’t stop to say or even think ill about girls you see passing by then you have mother issues, not enough love from mothers makes people like this, not your fault. Kill yourself or start respecting.
I have had wonderful blow jobs and one night stands with girls from different states in India and if you meet a single one of them they will tell you what a gentleman I was to them, I respect every woman and my desire towards the women I met was never of getting them to bed. Those nights just happened with a flow and that was not just sex, it was pure and nothing felt wrong.
You all take sex as a need for your body. That is like the most illogical and senseless thing ever stated.
There is also this marathon going on to score as many chicks as you can, which has become a symbol for manhood in today’s lifestyle, and the reason behind is simply media, they just promote man whores as studds.
Must have watched desi porn you guys?
How pathetic they look while doing it? Now multiply that to a thousand, yes you look that pathetic.
If you will not stop taking sex as watching television, that is doing it for entertainment purpose then my friend, you are going to live a sad life.
Those minutes might fill you with pride and pleasure like you got a high, but all your life it will be a sad guy hiding behind a mask.
Trust me, leave that guy behind, become powerful, loyal, man of your words, let not your desires outrun you. Fall in love everyday, with every girl, see how beautiful they are, see how complicated is to understand what she is thinking about. She is the only reason for you, respect her, love her, admire her.
Now, you are well dressed, or in other words more confident, then second step, ask yourself,” is that girl a gold digger or someone who just uses men for her own good? Have you become too blind to see it? ”
Not in every case bro, but caution is important, just asking yourself will do, you don’t need to set up a private investigator to follow her, just question yourself, is she worth it? Now the famous quote from Bob Marley will come to its play -” if she is worth it she won’t be easy “. I am telling you, don’t take this the wrong way as everyone does, she will love you but she won’t be easy in other ways, not to fetch, well perhaps it might take a huge effort to impress her, but trust me if she is not into you, she is just not into you, it is not like you have a problem or you are not good enough for anything or will never be loved again and die alone in midst of your miserable life surrounded by alcoholic sadness compititions with your same situation” samajhne waale ” friends. Just get your head out of your ass bro, it’s wonderful to be with someone, trust me, it is not hard to love, to be loved, it’s just the new weird culture of India that is making all that nonsense.
We are not at all the western people, we had our own way to do things, actually if you see our culture and examine it really well you will find it perfect, while Western culture is purely a wild culture with really nothing humanitarian. Today they are at a phase where everything is getting together while we are trying to copy them and now somehow everything has become very confusing. Right now we are neither the Western culture nor we are ourselves anymore, this all mess is just because of us totally confused “sasural simran ka ” is very lame and” Friends” seems so cool, sad but true. It is true and the thing that makes Western lifestyle look so awesome is the way it is presented, it’s just a well perfected marketing scheme.
You guys must have heard about the menstuaration periods women suffer once in a month, well let me tell you guys something, guys too suffer from the same once in a month.
You are obviously very much exited about sex and the very word can make you search for porn and make you take your dick out even at the middle of your workplace.
But in these four days we are too much with all our manhood.
Notice yourself, once in a while you turn more angry than usual, get irritated with small things and blame things to be the reason for this situation. Well, the reasons you are blaming has always been there and you are just focusing on them at this point of time.
I have been not able to identify the exact time because we don’t have bloody party in our pants in these days but I am very much sure about it.
What are the basic traits you have? Concentrate.
Do you have a bad anger?
Well if anger grows in you it tries to find a way out.. Shouting much on your parents? Or your employees? Or bullying some junior? That’s is where your anger manipulates you and it seems enjoying because you get a chance to get your rage out anyhow.
If you get angry ever, let me tell you, things you do in anger are the most illogical and self harming. You will never think straight and become helpless, even if you know this, it’s not going to change the fact that you are going to drunk dial your girl and tell her all rubbish and make an idiot out of yourself.
Some of them are proud of their anger, they say and I quote” don’t angry me! “… Maybe it sounds serious to you, for me it’s like a helpless ant that came in the way while some bull was shitting it’s breakfast out.
Do not get angry, it will destroy everything you ever lived for. Anger is also a good thing at times, you can get all angry when your team looses a football match or some idiot is saying” dude look at that spankable ass”. You can get get angry and kill the guy right there.
No! anger is a bad thing, will make you weak. You must have control over it.

Exercise 🏃
You are angry young man now, you can’t think straight have a little control over yourself and take deep breaths, count backwards from 10.
Reach zero and exhale, imagine anger getting out in red with your breath.
Now think of the person you are angry with, is he important enough for your wrath?
Acting against him will just signify that you can get back to him, will that make you any better than him?
Will a revenge right now satisfy you and you really don’t want to see him more miserable?
Asking that go run, burn some calories and just focus on everything you see. You can hit a punching bag or a pillow, anything that will make you feel tired.
If you don’t come up with something now, do as your anger says but remember you can make him more pathetic and helpless with some time taken.
If you ever think of having revenge on someone the best revenge is success.

My enemies are so jealous of me even right now, I am not at all a success as per in the meters of cars, bungalows or money. I am happy, that is what makes them burn. So just imagine, me just being happy can make them talk about me for hours, what will happen to them when I become the most awesome rockstar ever lived?
And that will happen very soon.
The girl I loved never loved me back, I get angry, write a couple of songs and be awesome.
What you do?
Get angry, get more angry, drink or smoke, drunk dial her, think about her and make her the highlights of your life. You are making that girl the highlight who doesn’t gives a shit? What are you doing with yourself?
Make a pact with yourself and get your dreams, if you are underestimating yourself then this is the time to get your life straight and become a man no-one ever thought you could be.
And that is how you meet the girl of your life.
I will summarize, respect every woman even if she is not worth it.
Be a man of your word, don’t act your anger, be confident of who you are, take risks, don’t be afraid.

What is love? 

And her eyes, the way she looked at me, 
Her smile and her beautiful lips. 
She was there and I was struck 
With something beyond this world, 
I was in love. “


What is love? 

Love is sacrifice.

Love is selflessness. 

Love is the truth. 

Love is what you can take beyond your death. 

Love is simple and that’s why, it’s complicated.

Poets, writers, singer-songwriters everyone of them had tried to put this feeling into words, you can say about your anger, your happiness, sadness, you have a proper reason, a proper a situation to feel these feelings, yet here, love stands out to be the most incomprehensible, and yet the most real of those feelings. 

It is really a shame that true love is so rare these days, our brains have become more robust than our hearts, and we can think now and never do. 

Logically, I have found the secret to why love happens, it is a simple result that anyone can come across if they have any time to think over things that are real. 

Love is how we reproduce, this is a feeling so that humans can get attracted and move their genes on. 

Simply sex, you cannot love without sex, love without sex will be friendship, and everybody is friendzoned so no-one has to care isn’t it? 

Every other creature in this planet goes by the same set of rules, there has to be a fight among the males to ensure the best genes forwarded, and human beings are no different, though their parameters of judging the best is different and can change from time to time but basically, if you see. 

What are the characteristics in females that males search for? 

We are attracted towards breasts, ever wondered why? 

A woman with a healthy pair of breasts stands better chances to feed the baby a healthy dosage of milk. 

We are attracted towards the booty . 

A woman with an oval and broad pair of buttocks will have easy, normal and healthy delivery of the baby. 

We search for beautiful ones, basically in science, human beings tends to say beautiful when they find symitrical figures. So basically we search for symetery. 

A woman with beauty will bring a beautiful offspring. 

We search for someone who is caring. 

A woman with a caring heart will be a caring mother. 

And you can list whatever you like in a woman and it will automatically be for just having a baby. 

Well let’s see what woman usually find attractive in men. 

A great build, muscular, strong body. 

To ensure he is capable to protect his offspring and his family. 

Suits, cars and money, maybe you guys already think that woman runs to money, but don’t be hard on them it’s an inbuilt trait, no offence girls but try to understand, it’s the reality. 

Money, so that the offspring may not lack anything while in growing period. 

And everything else, I guess I have made my point. 

It is not that everyone chooses the same, but if they would have given chance,or if there was a different situation than what is happening then it is prooven than it will happen that way only. 

Now, you are focused on a career, that is your top priority, but for what? For whom? 

Now if it had to do with “just yourself” then you would have not minded being on Facebook without any friends, or would not mind being alone. 

Some might say they are doing it for family, then let me tell you the truth, your parents are going to die before you, and you are going to be all alone in this world. No matter how good friends you have, you will be not the priority for them at some point of life. 

You do every single thing, to just love. 

To find someone to be with, to be complete. 

It’s no rocket science it’s just like gravity, no one knew about it until they realized.

I have accounted about love in a statistical way however it is much more than that. 

Now you have a logical picture about why all this attraction. But love is actually something beyond that, you may like those bosoms or rich men, but when love strikes there are no laws. 

It’s like I am totally contradicting myself but trust me it goes both the ways, it usually goes like science says but in reality it is like the Newton’s law of motion that can be applied within a parameter, outside the earth in the space it doesn’t work. 

There is this another dimension love goes and directions are pretty crazy. 

Love actually is energy, a flow of energy, you are literally one after you fall in love with each other. 

There is a feminine side in every man, think of it as if your body is a ratio of feminine and masculine and just like men, every female has the masculine side, the opposite quantity is very fragile, yet noticable. 

The imbalance in the quantity of the feminine and masculine aspects in male and female results in homosexuality, and hence the attraction is based on the fact. 

Now a man is portrayed as powerful and females are soft. Which is what we see, but in real, a woman is way more powerful than a man can possibly imagine. 

They release life energy, they are the source of life. 

Not just because they give birth and all, don’t take this like that. 

It is not explainable. I am stuck with just words here. I have it in my mind but don’t have an idea how to put it in words but i will try. 

Women are referred as beautiful and men are not always are said to be beautiful. Everything that is beautiful beyond explaination is dangerous and powerful. If you see the ocean, it is very beautiful, and it can sway away cities, volcanoes are mesmerizing! So are tornados, and they are severely powerful. And think of a girl the most beautiful sight ever, you will never turn around to see a tree or a flower, but the moment a girl walks down, you have a reason to look at her even though you don’t even know her and also that there is not even a slight chance that she is going to even say a word to you. Even if a girl is not attractive being a girl she can be a reason for the most painful feeling that people even kill themselves to get out of. 

Well, I am very sure about it. Women these days however are pathetic, pain in the ass. They are more disloyal, more complaining and very impatient. This is a big problem. They are always trying to compete with men and are asking for some kind of equality. They are so foolish, and that is because of the media of coarse, upbringing also plays a part. 

My word to all the ladies out there is, if you are asking for equality then you already think you are inferior and that thinking will keep you inferior all your life. Few might say that they are fighting for what is rightfully theirs, but they don’t understand that it is already there for them and no one can take it from them. 

Love my dear, just love. You know love is to give and to never ask, love is the act which can cross oceans and break mountains. That is totally shit from a bull whose mommy left daddy and he is just eating grass all day to shit more of that bullshit. 

Love comes with expectations, jealosy,impatience, and makes your life hell while you check each other’s phone, have each other’s social media passwords and have a gps tracker installed in each other’s bags. 

You live in fear and have no idea what will happen next. 

This is actually what it has come to and this is not love. I do understand that you might feel as if I am mocking your love which will turn you against me, but really if you like living in horror then sorry, keep up with your horror romantic. 

In reality love knows no fear, if there is fear, love will fade away. Just think about your friend you trust the most, you don’t fear and relax with him, that is love. You love your friend, your mother, your father, without having a fear. But when it comes to your girlfriend or boyfriend whom you are caring about more than your life, you are afraid. 

Leave the relationship, or just trust. 

The three fundamental aspects that breeds love are loyalty, understanding and trust. Have some faith, be loyal and try to understand. And if one of the partners choose to violate any of the three, then just move on with your life. You deserve love not crap. 

Love sometimes is taken so seriously that people forget that they are in love. It is not a serious ordeal, it is very not serious. 

People take money, property and love so seriously that they forget the sole meaning of everything. 

Love is not a disease that you are serious in a hospital. Relax a bit, have some patience. Don’t think you will never be loved again, because that will make things worse, she or he is right around the corner, wait for them. 

My friends have been sobbing on my shoulders since I was in 10th grade, they said -” I did everything for her and in return she broke my heart. ”

Well, first of all take that from your mind that you did anything for her or him. You always did it for yourself, it was your selfishness. You fell in love, and their happiness was your happiness, and to be happy yourself you did all that. And now when their happiness lies in leaving you, you again are being shellfish.

Every teacher in school is so busy to teach children mathematics that they don’t have time to teach love. 

A school hired me for teaching music, and I was very excited that I will teach kids some real thing. I went to my music room and the room was awful. All the classrooms were equipped with smart computers and I had an old rotten blackboard on which chalk couldn’t make a mark. The principal of the school was a woman in her early forties and was very not listening but very” blabbering all she wanted to say” type. I didn’t had to make love to her that I had to care about her, but I wanted the kids to grow in good hands so I started. Any class would take about 10 minutes to reach to the music room and a period was of 25 minutes, with all the adjustments done I had just 10 minutes of lecture to give, which was not enough for me. I started going to the classes to take the theory part, so that I could save some time. First time when I entered a classroom what I saw was awkward. 

There were two sections of rows divided in the class, one for the boys and the other to girls. That was a disaster to me, so I told them to mix around everytime music bell rings. They did the same. I could now see love birds around the classes. I was happy to see love in their hearts but was confused when I came to know that the institution was worried about me changing the seats? They want the kids to not love each other? Teachers should explain and teach kids about love so they don’t go astray. The best they do is tell them that it is bad! It is a sin! They are doing wrong! And when they reach home and watch television or surf the Internet they see something very opposite. What will happen to the mind of a kid? It’s like half of the world is telling you to breath and half of it is telling you not to. 

Well, you cannot “not breath” like the kids. They will fall in love, they will surely go nuts and make very bad decisions too, just like every teacher in that school must have done. And the sad thing is that there is still time to save those kids from that. But no-one is caring. 

Love cannot be opposed, or acted against. It’s just there. You can get married and still never fall in love. You can be married and fall in love with someone else, 

You can fall in love with multiple persons at one point of time, nothing is wrong with it. But cheating on the one who loves you or even making a huge plan to ignore betraying and escaping the relationship may lead to devastating results. 

Look around, find a friend who is cheating in their relationship, you will find that however the one tries to fake smiles and be all happy, he is miserable. His love life, family, work, career, everything has turned into disasters. He is rotting in himself, or herself. 

No? You cheat?? And are complety fine? Brother either you are are faking it or your devastation is perfectly planned and is waiting for you around the corner. 

Don’t take it like karma. Karma is just a word, it is the energies. The kind of vibes you produce around you same happens with you, it really just happens. 

Now few of you maybe like,” I am very positive and very loyal, then why I am so miserable? ”

Answer lies that your positivity is cancelled out by the negatives you dwell with. It’s natural for girls to get attracted to” the bad boys”, but they just don’t know that his negativity has turned her life upside down. 

Be more strong in your conscience or leave your dumb, negative partener, and dwell with more positive people around. 

Love is a positive feeling, and it shows. You won’t be scared of going outside her house to surprise her in the middle of the night, you don’t think about spending more than you earn for her, you don’t prioritize going with friends and you just tell them,” samjh na bhai”. Basically you never use your brain. Well love was never from the brains, and the moment it comes into the  brain” love is gone. All remains is an obsession a sadness a worried mind. 

Love is free of bindings but you are careful, there are plenty of wolves luring around to take your girl as their prey, they are soft spoken masters of manipulation who can turn your love against you. While you know this fact, girls are like,” huh, no-one can manipulate me”. Duh?!! Girls? Well, Manipulation never will knock on your door and say that you are being brain washed. 

Girls, please, stop right there, we are human beings and we are all foolish at some point of time, do not give anyone a chance to show their charm on you. I know you are very intelligent and wise, but I also know I can kiss a girl and make her fall in love with me. I have done it to married ladies, with my classmates, with like any girl above 18. Don’t you judge me for all that I have done! I never forced anyone and every single one of them made the first move. I know if I can do it, there must be others like me. I am retired and that is why I am telling you all the secrets, passing on the wisdom so you don’t have to do it from a scratch. 

I am 22 years old, never did college, have been in a bpo , music teacher in different institutions,have a studio and am a well known photographer, I have a three piece punk rock band,singer,songwriter,guitar player, poet, I am a script writer and a director for my upcoming sci-fi comedy series. I am a certified chiropractor and a masseuse, i am also a tatto artist, I have gone in different parts of India with just hundreds in my pockets and have lived more life than anyone of my age. 

That I have done in just love! 

I have learned to love by my mother, she taught me to cherish the drop of the rain on my finger, she taught me to never pick a flower but how to admire it. She told me that the more beautiful anything is, the more dangerous it can be, and it is just a matter of perception that makes it dangerous or beautiful. 

My mother has given me everything, I was actually raised with too much love around, a middle class family, my mother and her two younger sisters and my grandmother. I was so lucky to have 4 mothers in my early days. I never learnt to complain, never was ashamed that I never had toys like my other friends, but I lived more and I am still living for love. 

See? Love is everywhere! 

Every single possession of yours, your dog, your parents!! Go love them! There is no time left, soon it will all fade, cherish today, and as the Eagles said -love will keep us alive. 

We sit and we talk, about politics, religion, war and terrorists, world full of hatred, think of yourself as a hotspot signal, you take responsibility of your range, and in your range you try to spread as much goodness as you can. Your range may vary with your position, as a classmate you will have a range till your friends, as a director or boss you will have a bigger range, and if you are a president you will have a national area covered. Do not worry and waste any further time having conversations that is out of your reach, try to become more powerful love hotspot everytime and you will start making the world a better place to live in. This is not just an idea about how to deal with things, it is a start. 

You spread love around and even for the ones who don’t deserve shall get your love. This way you will become more responsible and will be at least doing something than just talking, and do not aim for world peace or shit, just be there in peace, in yourself, because nothing in this world can be more important than your inner peace. The world will follow your path sooner or later. 

Your love life had been a problem somehow, but there are just two possible conditions that can be in a relationship, either they love you or they don’t. Tell me if you have a third option available. Yes! For some there are options! Many other options because you literally in love with more than one person! In this situation you have to leave everyone else, it might seem difficult but is not impossible, you will have to, trust me the feelings will fade and you will end up happier simplified and straight. Just keep that in your mind! If they love you it’s great if don’t then just leave, you can end it now or be miserable for a few months or years. I know what you are saying,” Itna aasan hota na to kab ka chor diye hote. ” It is tough but you love them, and they are happier without you so why do you want to push them to love you back? Let them be. Chill, look at them, smile like an idiot and feel butterflies in your belly. This way you will maintain your positive attitude and give yourself a chance to be loved. And let me tell you a truth, you may have heard this before, but take it seriously now. Everything that happens, happens for good. I don’t know if you believe in destiny or not, but I don’t, I have lived my life and the results are from what I have done in the past. The destiny people cannot be won over this argument, but it is just a theory and have nothing to do with what is happening, believe it or not you will have to eat to survive for the next day, like wise, don’t just let the destiny decide your fate, work to build your fate, and the true love shall fall upon you. 

Love is like a drug, more accurately, it is like cocaine. A numbness with happiness. Without a damn reason you become so happy and no senses work. 

Time to change that meaning into the real love. Become love in yourself and let go all the misery. 

Love is a glowing candle, it’s you who decided to burn your house with it.